What is OhLook

Fashion Rental + Styling Service

We are a fashion rental and styling subscription service that allows you to wear clothes from top brands and latest trends without repeating the same garment twice. Yes! you read that right. 365 Days 365 Different Clothes. Now, before you wonder if OhLook is a pricey service, allow us to inform you that our most subscribed pack of (20 shirts + Laundry + Stylist) per month is priced at just ₹1,500.

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How It Works


1. Select the clothes you like

Choose from over 12000 garments and prepare your box. Prepare your box and checkout.


2. Receive The Package

Our delivery execs delivery 1/4th the package each week at your doorstep. (if you subscribe for 20 shirts you get 5 shirts each week for 4 weeks)

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3. Exchange The Package For New

Exchange the pack on the weekend for a new set of clothes. You can be sure that you will not receive the same clothes again.


4. Cleaned and Made Hygienic 

Post receiving the clothes from you, they are sent to our cleaning factory, where they are cleansed and enhanced. We also make sure that clothes are 100% Hygienic.


5. Made Like New

After the hygiene process, the clothes are repacked and sent to OhLook style house, where the stylists decide who to send it to next.

What’s In Our Packs

Additional Services

Coming Soon On The App

Occasional Wear Rental

At 8% of MRP

Got a party or wedding coming up, get yourself a suit, blazer or sherwani for that week, for just a fraction of the price of buying it.

Accessories Subscription

Starting at ₹500

Get essentials like vest, briefs and socks delivered to your doorstep every month at unbelievable price. Of course this is not a rental and all that is delivered to you is new.

Premium Laundry Service

↓ Cost + ↑ Quality

We have taken the responsibility of managing your shirts, tees and trousers, and now we want to make sure your other clothes are also fresh as ever, and hence we came up with a premium laundry service.

What Our Customers Say

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